Shipwreck ‘Navagio’ Bay
While you are on holiday in Zante, make sure you enjoy the beautiful beach at Shipwreck ‘Navagio’ Bay, one of the most famous beaches in the Mediterranean.

Navagio is located on the north-west shore of Zakynthos.  And is perhaps the most famous tourist site in Zakynthos.   Better known as Shipwreck Bay, this isolated sandy cove is banked on all sides by towering limestone cliffs a'Smugglers Cove' and the azure-blue sea. On the sand is the wreck of the ship Panagiotis, which is believed to have been involved in some smuggling activity when it got into trouble and washed ashore in 1981. Since then, it has become the trademark of Zakynthos.

You can only reach this beach by boat, so this is a great chance to get out on the sea during your stay in Zakynthos. You can take one of the bigger round the island boats to see the Shipwreck Beach, or you can drive to one of the ports on the north and west coast where smaller boat trips leave throughout the day to this magical beach.

From the lookout tower overlooking Navagio you have the advantage of seeing and capturing on camera the iconic image of Shipwreck from above. This has to be one of the most amazing views in the world. From the top of the cliff you will be amazed by the sparkling site of the beach below, with boats drifting in and out of the bay.

Visiting the beach on a Zante boat trip is also quite breath-taking and well worth a day of your holiday. Approaching the beach is a once in a lifetime experience.  The huge cliffs surrounding the bay, combined with the stranded ship in the middle, ensure that this is an awe-inspiring moment.

Spending time at the Shipwreck beach you will be able to swim in the cool turquoise waters and explore the wreckage of the boat, which has been engraved with hundreds of names of visitors since the ship washed up here. 

Laganas, the most popular resort of Zante island, boasts a magnificent 9 klm sandy beach with warm, shallow crystal clear water, preferred by families with children.  It is one of the few Mediterranean spots the caretta-caretta sea turtle has selected for reproduction and has acquired an international reputation.  Laganas offers ample choice for shopping and day time activities, entertainment, bars as well as fine dining.

Agios Nikolaos, Volimes
Not to be confused with the Southern beach of the island that has the same name. The beach of this village consists of small pebbles and it is rather deep. This is the only village from where the ferry boats from Zakynthos to Kefalonia leave and for this reason it has one of the most equipped harbours of the island. In front of the harbour there is an unoccupied small island reachable with a nice swim. 

Alikes beaches connect to form one long sandy beach (approx 3 km long). These beaches are in the north east of Zante and the famous blue caves and shipwreck are easily accessible from these resorts. Alykes is a small friendly resort with a wide variety of bars, restaurants, tavernas, shops and supermarkets, most of which line its one main street. This is a popular resort for families and couples, many visitors return year after year thanks to its good climate, gorgeous beach and also verdant mountain scenery. The beach at Alykes is suitable for swimmers of all levels and is safe for children as the water gently shelves and is shallow for a long way out.

Alykanas is a resort surrounded by olive groves and with much green scenery. There are several bars, tavernas and restaurants, sure to suit all tastes! Alykanas is well known for having several restaurants that specialise in fish dishes. Many tourists find the short easy walk from Alykanas to Alykes enjoyable, meaning that the facilities of both resorts are very handy. 

The beach at Amoudi is sandy being a continuation of the wider known beaches of Alykes and Alykanas and has crystal clear waters superb for a refreshing swim.This is also a great place for snorkeling with a wide variety of fish to see. This beach is ideal for a tranquility and relaxation as it is not as busy as some of the other beaches in the area.The area of Amoudi remains traditional and unspoiled and there are a handful of tavernas, bars and accommodation in the area.

Ampoula beach is located along the coastal road between Alykes and Tsilivì. It is a sand and pebbles beach sliding down mildly into the sea. There is an elevated and grassy level with deckchairs and sunshades for rent from where it is easy to reach the restaurants and the bar.

Argassi beach is located in the south east of Zante, in a resort of the same name. The beach is sandy and has numerous coves in the vicinity to explore and watersports are available for the adventurous! The resort is fast becoming one of the most popular on the island but it has managed to retain its character as well as offering a superb selection of shops, discos, restaurants & bars, as well as traditional Greek tavernas. Children will find lots to keep them occupied in this resort as there is mini golf, a fun castle, and animal farm to name just a few of the things the kids are sure to love! This resort although lively has some quiet areas and as such is suitable for everyone: families, couples and youngsters - all are sure to have a wonderful holiday staying here.

Agios Sostis
Small island in front of Laganas’ harbour, it is connected to the mainland with a wooden bridge enlightened at night. In the past it was connected to Zakynthos island then, because of an earthquake, it became a peculiar small island, final destination of many tourists. At night it turns into a real disco with paying entrance, whereas during the day it is a wonderful place where you can take a bath among thousands of fish. Next to the small island, not to the side of port, there is also a sandy beach that takes its name. The beach is long but small and you can find deckchair and umbrellas. Along the beach there are bars and taverns.

Vassilikos is a picturesque area in the south east of Zante (Zakynthos). It is not one beach but instead it is a peninsula, well known for its natural beauty, lush vegetation and mountains as well as for an abundance of splendid beaches. The beaches in the area of Vassilikos include: Ionion, Gerakas, Porto Roma, Porto Zoro, Banana and Agios Nikolaos. The beaches are all sandy, with clean shallow waters and are ideal for families and couples. Agios Nikolaos beach is reputed to have the best scuba diving on the island. Many of the beaches are also nesting grounds for the famous loggerhead turtles, an endangered species who favors the beaches of the Ionian Islands for laying their eggs. As such, the area of Vassilikos is of environmental significance and can play a huge part in helping to preserve the habitat of the Caretta Caretta turtles. Some of the beaches in the Vassilikos region come under the jurisdiction of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, an organisation that works to protect not just the turtles but all wildlife in the area and as a result, at times parts of the beaches may be closed to the public, so as not to disturb the turtles (most of the beaches in the area are closed to the public at night).

Gerakas is considered as the best beach on the island and any visitor can immediately appreciate why, the beach has also been voted as one of the top beaches in Europe by The Times Newspaper. Surrounded by natural beauty its peacefulness adds to the charm of this sandy beach. It is a long bay of golden sand, with shallow safe waters and low cliffs giving the beach shelter and a sense of seclusion. This beach is not just a favourite with human visitors, as it is also where the endangered Caretta Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs and because of this the beach is part of the National Marine Park and visitors are asked to be careful so as not to disturb any of the turtles eggs. Watersports are not available at this beach for the protection of the turtles. Two tavernas at this beach amply cater for all your refreshments needs.

It is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island.  The sea here is the warmest of the entire island (temperatures between 27° and 30°C); being a protected beach it doesn’t offer any sports facilities but there are a couple of family taverns. At the two extremities there are rocky areas and in the front at one or two km distance there is the lovely small island of Pelouzo; this island is not reachable being from May to October in a non navigable part of see according to the rules of the Marine Park. Due to the protective regulation of turtles it's forbbiden to go down to Dafni by private vehicles; there are small buses that take only few persons at a time to the beach.

Drosia is a sheltered pebbly bay, not far from the well known resort of Alykes. It is off the tourist trail and it is possible to have this beach all to yourself if you are lucky - but even if you have to share it, it will not be overcrowded. The water here is clear and perfect for swimming. A couple of tavernas are nearby to cater for any refreshment needs.

It is a beach of fine sand very crowded in the first part that is nearthe hotels. but it is worth, at least once, to go for a walk towards the final part of this beach where the mountains dive directly into the sea.  In this part of the sea there are crystal clear and warm waters, and it is possible to be alone even in August. Walking in the opposite direction you can reach Lagana beach.  In reality these two beaches are only one long, sandy tongue. Halfway between the two resorts the beach is usually deserted and behind there is a big pinewood. Even to this beach admittance hours are limited due to the presence of turtles.

Kaminia is a small beach of white pebbles. It is narrow but with wonderful water and it is difficult to reach by land. There are only steps not comfortable to come down. Kaminia is the continuation of Porto Koukla so it is advisable to go for a walk along the beach to reach it. Surely this beach is ideal for privacy.

Laganas, the most popular resort of Zante island, boasts a magnificent 9 klm sandy beach with warm, shallow crystal clear water, preferred by families with children.  It is one of the few Mediterranean spots the caretta-caretta sea turtle has selected for reproduction and has acquired an international reputation.  Laganas offers ample choice for shopping and day time activities, entertainment, bars as well as fine dining.

Limni Keri
It is a small but lovely beach developing along the village seashore with restaurants and tourist shops. The beach is of pebbles but the sea depth is sandy; this beach is a strategic point to visit Marathonissi and for a lovely trip to the caves of Marathia Cape; it is also possible to hire motorboats for daily trips. There is also a small harbour and two diving centers  for wonderful experiences in scuba diving.

Cape Marathia
Marathia Cape is a lovely promontory at the far end of the marine park; it is located in the area of Limini Kerì from where you can take a road going up to the right coasting the entire promontory. The road is in good condition, traversable both by car and motorbike and allows reaching the small beaches scarcely crowded even in August. These beaches, even though with polish rocks, are very good for sunbathing and snorkeling since the sea here is clear and full of fish. Nearby it is possible to find a couple of refreshment areas without having to drive back to Limni Kerì. On the biggest beach is possible to rent sunshades and deckchairs and there is a taxi-boat service from the beach to Marathonissi island.

It is the longest beach of the island. Apparently never ending, this tongue of sand is also very deep and even if equipped for the tourist, it is far from villages and buildings. To get to the beach you have to reach and cross the surrounding pinewood along the largest road. Along the beach there are small refreshment areas.

Bouka & Gaidaros
Bouka & Gaidaros beach is a small clean sandy beach, uncrowded, with plenty of space for everyone.The water is shallow and safe for children. It is also very clear so is ideal for snorkeling. It is near Tsilivi beach and offers a smaller and quieter alternative for anyone staying in Tsilivi.

Xigia beach is a picturesque one, unique on the island as the water contains sulfur in a large proportion giving the beach a distinctive aroma.The sulfur is coming from the nearby caves, so this beach is ideal for those who suffer from muscle pains and arthritis. It is also known to be good for the skin. Xigia beach is easily accessible by car and there is available parking.

Porto Zoro
It is one of the beaches in the southern part of the island completely sandy and without tourist facilities. Not far from the seashore peculiar rocks, similar to  the shape of mushrooms, are the main characteristic of this beach.

Porto Koukla
Porto Koukla is considered to be one of the best beaches on Zante.  It retains a traditional Greek aura and has an air of tranquillity perfect for anyone wishing to unwind while sunbathing and swimming with stunning surroundings in the background. There are a few tavernas and bars, all of which have a relaxed and welcoming feel- ideal for a memorable night out.

Porto Roxa
Porto Roxa is near Limnionas and the village of Agios Leon. It is a small bay with crystal clear waters and is a lovely place to swim. Steps lead down to the bay, where mooring is also available for small boats. For those too impatient for a swim to walk down the path to the water's edge, it is possible to dive from a spring board into the azure water. There is a taverna nearby but being an non commercial spot there are not many other facilities, so make sure you have water and any other necessities you may require with you.

Tsilivi beach is an exceptional beach and this has been recognized as it has been awarded the international Blue Flag Award, only given to beaches that meet strict criteria for cleanliness. The beach is a long stretch of golden sand which shelves gently into the crystal clear waters, so it is safe for children. Numerous watersports are on offer at this beach for instance, windsurfing, water skiing, banana, pedaloes, jetskiing, paragliding and much more!

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